About Pre-Primary School

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Pre-primary section at GAPS is situated at the ground Floor of the school building having six classrooms in all. The school runs for five days a week and upto half day.

The aim of having a Pre- Primary section in the school premises is to give children the continuous exposure of learning under the same vision and Philosophy. The children get nurtured for the basic psychomotor skills to social attributes to academic excellence, all under the same roof. It is the most crucial stage of child’s learning and getting exposed to the various types experience helps them building various types of intelligences. The syllabus is so designed that stimulates all their faculties’ and intelligences to groom them for being an overall personality. The syllabus is connected to the grade one of the school to ensure smooth learning of the children. The activities are so designed that children not only have fun but teachers and parents also get to know the special assets of the children. Children are exposed to spiritual values and National values at a very young age. They sing National Anthem everyday in a collective assembly ,recite sholakas and say their prayer before the meals. Children have food together in the school provided by the school so as to maintain the uniformity in food they eat and also so that they learn to eat healthy meal

They also have a professional dance class once in a week wherein they are trained by professional dancer. This is an attempt to train their psychomotor skills and gauge any talent at a very early stage. Children enjoy their dance class and look forward for it.

Periodic cultural activities are celebrated to keep them abreast with the social values. Parents participation is enthusiastic and appreciative.